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Spring is a boutique advisory firm for companies and investment managers looking for patient guidance and advice. We put clients on the right track for growth with strategic planning, by identifying and dealing with pain points, improving access to capital and finding and working with the right talent.

In every engagement, Spring crafts bespoke solutions for our corporate and investor clients.

Spring focuses on companies in the growth to mid-market stage of their lifecycle. We generally work with companies from break-even profitability to $15M of EBITDA and fund managers working on their first or second institutional raise. We have significant expertise in traditional and tech-enabled business, financial, and healthcare services

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Our Model is Unique

Spring marries patient management consulting with a private equity angle. By structurally aligning ourselves with management, we ensure clients receive the best advice on the right capital structure at the right time to enable long-term growth.

Strategic Analysis

Analyze your company and overall strategy to develop and showcase your strengths, identify avenues of growth and improve profitability.

Active Consulting

Evaluate whatever gaps there may be in your business model and put the "fix" in motion across the operations of your company.

Appropriate Financing

Quantify and access the financing best suited to your needs, long-term strategic plan and comfort level with the appropriate value-added partners.

Our Leadership

Amanda has worked in the investment industry for over 25 years. For over 20 years she worked as a Managing Principal at GoldPoint Partners, New York Life Insurance Company’s private equity investment arm, investing over a billion dollars through and alongside some of the best mid-market private equity funds in the US. She has experience investing in funds, term loans, subordinated debt, preferred stock and common equity most often in leverage buyouts and growth equity situations. She has held active board observer positions in mid-market companies. As a former private equity investor, she brings a buyer’s lens to management consulting and sell side assignments. Amanda is a very creative problem solver, looking for practical solutions that suit the situation at hand.

She started her career at Goldman Sachs in the equity research department learning fundamental business analysis. She is passionate about helping women-owned businesses. She is married and a mother to three teenage sons.

Amanda Parness

CEO and Founder


We work with companies at various stages of their development to prepare them for growth over the short and medium term, whether a transaction is imminent or years away. Our unique model fosters total alignment with our clients, cultivating a shared vision and shared success.


Strategic Planning

Craft the short, medium and long term plans that lay out the specific goals and milestones your business needs to achieve and the road map to get you there.

Sales Strategy

Define goals and focus your team. We help articulate your market positioning, pricing strategy, customer lead generation plan, sales pitch and team development timeline.

Profit Maximization

Set clear measures of operating performance from break even points and margin tiers to detailed analysis of gross and operating profit across COGS, SG&A, employees, and more.

Board Advisory

Under certain circumstances, our principal can support decision-making around strategy, operations, capital, valuation, and transactions with a board position.


Monitor the measures that drive your business with a dashboard of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These help manage your business and reveal where you need to focus.


Capital Efficiency

Based on your unique needs for internal growth, acquisitions, and liquidity, we will position you with the balance sheet that provides the lowest-cost capital structure and ultimately maximizes the value of your company.

Securities offered through Kidron Capital Securities LLC, Member FINRA, SIPC

Transaction Advisory

Our experience in mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, joint ventures/partnerships and strategic investments allows us to guide your most complex transactions and decisions with an eye for increasing shareholder value.

Partner Prospecting

Find the right growth partner by leveraging our deep set of relationships across private equity firms, strategic acquirers, and mid-market lenders: balancing the most realistic buyers, the best terms, and execution risk.

Securities offered through Kidron Capital Securities LLC, Member FINRA, SIPC

Spring's principal has evaluated hundreds of funds from the perspective of an investor and managed Fund of Funds Portfolios. We help first time fund managers who focus on private equity and credit strategies. We can also advise Limited Partners on optimizing their exposures to illiquid asset classes, building up allocations and secondary sales.

Management Consulting


Articulate your unique investment philosophy, value proposition and competitive differentiation to potential Limited Partners and portfolio company targets by clearly demonstrating your experience through relevant track records and case studies.


Communicate in a way that your clients can easily understand and identify the key data they and you need to make business decisions.

Strategic Advisory

Advise on key issues such as management company, ownership, investment strategy, carried interest, cross-fund investments, valuations, compliance procedures and more.

Transaction Services

GP Fundraise

Find the right investors to build deep, long relationships with our strong network. Our fund investing experience lets us connect you to LPs who trust our opinions and pre-qualify investors to efficiently market your fund.

Securities offered through Kidron Capital Securities LLC, Member FINRA, SIPC

LP Services

Build up and re-construct illiquid asset pools. We help evaluate managers, build portfolios and create a plan to free up capital and re-deploy it in higher yielding strategies.

Our Culture
& Values

Spring Advisory Services is committed to integrity and transparency. Stylistically, we are direct and explain what we think is feasible to achieve.

Spring puts the interests of the client first.

We are building a culture based on honest assessments, perseverance, loyalty, integrity and follow through. We think this is how to get the best outcomes with the least amount of friction. It is what we embrace in service to our clients and to our counterparts across the table.


Spring is mission driven: supporting all clients, with a vested interest in helping women and minorities, who have historically had less access to these services.

What our Clients Say


Founder, Blue Ribbon Bags

Once Amanda joins your team, she becomes indispensable immediately.  

I could not imagine making it through a typical week, let alone through the COVID crisis, without her guidance on many difficult business decisions. Thanks to Spring Advisory, we’re emerging stronger than ever, and looking forward to a bright future.


CEO & Institutional Interior Designer

There is no one else I would use.

As I was starting my own boutique hotel, Amanda’s services were crucial to making my project financially sound. I would absolutely recommend Spring Advisory for anyone who wants to better their business.

Marilyn & Liddy

Founders, Mizzen Capital

Amanda and her team were instrumental in refining our fund’s value proposition for institutional investors. She was able to use her direct deal experience and extensive contacts to assist us.


Partner, Network Doctor

After running a small business for 20 years we decided to execute an acquisition strategy to speed up our growth. It became apparent quickly that our 20 years of business experience left us beginners in the M&A world. Spring Advisory came in and filled that gap in knowledge and experience and successfully helped us with due diligence, bid and first close.


CEO, TLA Innovation

Amanda and the team at Spring have been a revelation for my business, and Amanda has become one of my most trusted advisors. Supporting us through complex changes, a capital raise, and product development, Amanda has demonstrated an incredible ability to help me prioritize. Architecting sound financial and operational systems is what Spring does, and it cannot be overstated just how critical that is at the earliest stages of growth to ensure the maximum valuation. I cannot recommend Spring enough for any business which wants to kick it to the next level, and get it done right.


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