Interview with Herald PR onThe Brick Wall

Warren Cohn of Herald PR recently profiled Amanda on his The Brick Wall series. In their conversation, Warren and Amanda discuss Spring Advisory ‘s unique model, how to find the right investing partner as a founder, strategies to diversify organizations, and much more. We picked three of our favorite clips from the show to highlight below.


When introducing Spring Advisory, Amanda describes how the firm partners with founders to help them unlock their next stage of growth.


An investor doesn’t just provide capital. They share the founder’s vision and will be there for many years to come. Amanda explains how to find the right partner, the mindset of investors, and striking the right balance in this important relationship.


As a mission-driven organization, Spring Advisory takes institutional diversity seriously. Amanda illustrates the steps any organization can take to drive meaningful change in hiring, promotion, and executive advocacy.


If you’d like to watch the whole interview, click here.